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4aic400, Disney Infinity Toy Box Artist

Postby PirateSteven » Sat Dec 06, 2014 3:08 pm

On behalf of all of the interested Disney Infinity Fans we asked 4aic400 "Infinifan1927" some questions.

What is your real name? Country?

Nicholas Anger, 16 (Canada)

What is the origin story of your Toy Box submission username?

To be honest I thought my name would show up as my gamer tag, but when I noticed it wasn't, I was like "ok". How I picked it was I put Infinifan with a random year, and Infinifan1927 was born.

What made you decide to buy Disney Infinity?

I was originally a big fan of the games competitor (Skylanders), and I got home, searched up Disney on Google to look for the Disney store website. I saw under news that Disney is releasing a game similar to Skylanders, from there I was sold.

What is your favorite play set and why?

My favorite play set from 1.0 was Cars. I love racing games, and I like competing against others. My favorite playset from 2.0 would have to be The Ultimate Spider-man playset, I'm not a huge Spider-man fan, but I loved the swinging around the playset as Venom and Spider-man. I loved the whole storyline and gameplay.

Who is your favorite Disney Infinity 2.0 character and why?

My favorite Marvel character is Starlord because of his hadron enforcer attack, and his dual blasters. My favorite Original is Baymax, because he is very powerful. I love his Thruster Buster attack and his Rocket Fist ability, a fun character overall.

Which character would you like to see included that hasn't already been and why?

I would really want to see Jiminy Cricket. If they made Tinkerbell then why not Jiminy Cricket. He would be able to fly around with his umbrella, and his special move would be called Wish A Upon A Star. I think he would be a cool character and would be great to interact with other characters.

What is your favorite power disc and why?What is your favorite new toy from 2.0?

My favorite power disc would have to be the Toy Story Midway Mania Popper because of the old timey music that plays when you equip it. I am a huge fan of the attraction at Hollywood Studios.

What is your favorite new toy from 2.0?

Out of all the toys from 2.0 my overall favorite is the Gravity Falls golf cart. It is my new go to vehicle when I build a racetrack. I love how the theme music plays in the background when driving.

What made you want to build toy boxes for challenges?

I thought it would be cool if I would enter a challenge, and mostly because I ran out of ideas on what to build. So with entering the challenges it gave me ideas on what to build in the toy box.

When you hear of a new challenge, what steps do you take to make your idea for a Toy Box a reality?

Once I hear the next challenge, my mind goes to work and finds an idea that would fit the theme. Then, I would make a blueprint on paper (during math class) and plan what I want to happen (where and what I want the player to do). From there I go to work on the toy box. I use my blueprints as a guide and make the toy box, but sometimes my ideas don't go so well. I need to scratch the whole plan and start from the top. Almost all my toy boxes I have entered had to be redesign. Once the whole toy box is complete I test it out, get my inspector to test it for me, make any changes that are necessary, and viola a toy box is complete.

What do you consider to be your specialty when building Toy Boxes?

Something I consider to be my specialty is to make the toy box challenging enough for the player. I try to make it challenging so that the player has to use there mind a little, so that they can overcome obstacles and make it to the end.

What is your favorite Toy Box that someone else has built?

As a huge fan of Epcot, I would have to say Soarin` by TurnerBros is my favorite toy box that someone else has made. It was really fun with two players, and overall this toy box is one that I love playing over and over again.

What are some of your classic Toy Boxes that have not been a featured top 5 Toy Box?

Some of my toy boxes that have not been featured would have to be my Ninja Turtles racetrack with big pixel art of all the turtles in the sewer. Another one would have to be my Prison Escape toy box. It was my first toy box I've made, and it is still a fun toy box that I play to date.

What is your dream Toy Box challenge?

I would love to see an Amusement Park Challenge, a Disney Classics Challenge, a Disney Junior Challenge, and even a Jake and the Neverland Pirates Challenge.

Share a story of adversity from when you were building one of your Toy Boxes that you had to overcome.

When I built the Beyond the Falls toy box, near the end of the toy box, before you ride the Matterhorn, I had so much adversity with coming up with something to end the toybox. It took me almost 2 hours just to figure out something that would work and on the last day before submissions were due. I came up with the end that you see before you today.

Share a funny story from when you were building one of your Toy Boxes.

Probably the funniest thing that happened when building a toy box would have to be playing as Sorcerer Mickey. I was equipped with the crow wing pack and I need to get to a higher point, so I equipped the crow wing pack flew up to the top, once I landed, Mickey was still a crow. I took the pack off and he was still a crow, I quickly switched to the jet pack and it was hilarious using the jet pack, as a crow, as Mickey.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Toy Box Artists?

Some advice I would give to others is to just use your imagination. I mean I use my imagination all time when building, always ask yourself "Can I do this, Is this fun, What else could you add".

Your BEYOND THE FALLS toy box was selected as a number 1 featured toy box in the Up Challenge. Please give us some Inside the Toy Box details on your BEYOND THE FALLS toy box.

Beyond the Falls- about 1 day and 3 hours to build, 3 redesigns. I've only seen Up twice, and decided to make something, the pool in the cave was something my inspector wanted me to add. When I saw what u could do with the sticky hand, I knew I wanted to incorporate it into the toy box.

Your STOPWATCH-INATOR toy box was selected as a featured toy box in the Agent P Challenge. Please give us some Inside the Toy Box details on your STOPWATCH-INATOR toy box.

Stopwatch-Inator- took 12 hours to build, it had 6 redesigns the most redesigns. I am a huge fan of the show. I knew I had to enter this challenge. I wanted to make it feel like an episode from the show, so at the end you would use the glide pack to glide off before an explosion. Sadly I couldn't get an explosion to work.

Your INCREDI-CAMP toy box was selected as a featured toy box in the Super Hero Training Challenge. Please give us some Inside the Toy Box details on your INCREDI-CAMP toy box.

Incredi-Camp- 8 hours, 2 redesigns. I thought this would be my last challenge I entered before 2.0, so I wanted to go out with a bang. I put this one together with the Incredibles in mind, and having a challenge made for each figure. Out of all of them, Dash's challenge was the hardest one the make. This is the biggest toy box I have made up to date.

Your AROUND THE WORLD toy box was selected as a featured toy box in the Anything Goes Challenge. Please give us some Inside the Toy Box details on your AROUND THE WORLD toy box.

Around the World- about 13 hours, 1 redesign. as I've said before im a huge fan of Epcot and wanted to recreate it as best as I could. The only problem I faced was not having enough room to make the toy box I originally had in mind. Your task was going to have you explore world showcase and find 3 buttons to start the Illuminations show, but I was running out of time so I made it a race track instead.

Your DOOMBUGGY DASH toy box was selected as a featured toy box in the Haunted Mansion Challenge. Please give us some Inside the Toy Box details on your DOOMBUGGY DASH toy box.

DoomBuggy Dash- 5 hours, 2 redesigns. This toy box was my first 2.0 entry, a cool fun fact about this one and why It took me only 5 hours was because the big haunted mansion to race through was made in 1.0 and was transferred to 2.0 for this challenge. At first I was going to make it a Luigi's Mansion related toy box, but was having so many problems I just decided to build a race track through the mansion instead.

Your Hulk's Happy Place toy box was selected as a featured toy box in the Hulk Smash Challenge. Please give us some Inside the Toy Box details on your Hulk's Happy Place toy box.

Hulk's Happy Place- 9 hours, 3 redesigns. Hulk is my 2nd favorite Marvel character so I decided to enter this challenge. I wanted to make Hulk's happy place, where there was smashing and bashing and also a bonus level at the end. Thanks to the templates I was able to complete the bonus level, originally it was just going to be the bonus level, but I decided to add more to it and make the bonus level, a bonus level.

Your Soccer HD toy box was selected as a featured toy box in the Big Hero 6 Challenge. Please give us some Inside the Toy Box details on your Soccer HD toy box.

SoccerHD- 14 hours, 6 redesigns. Once I heard there was going to be a challenge for Big Hero 6, I knew I had to make a toy box based off the teaser trailer. This toybox really wouldn't have been possible without Jose Abalos who makes the tutorials on the Disney Infinity YouTube channel. As this being my 3rd 2.0 toybox I have entered it is so far my favorite toy box. It took me a while to build a track that was hard for the player and yet still be a bit of fun. It took me about 2 hours to build the big Baymax 3d block art.

If I was to rate my 7 featured toy boxes (#1 being my favorite) which is my favorite I would say:

1. Beyond the Falls
2. SoccerHD
3. Around the World
4. Hulks Happy Place
5. Incredi-Camp
6. Stopwatch-Inator
7. Doom Buggy Dash
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Re: 4aic400, Disney Infinity Toy Box Artist

Postby bastystitch » Thu Dec 11, 2014 7:04 am

Great interview! Awesome to see the interview series back!
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Re: 4aic400, Disney Infinity Toy Box Artist

Postby Elmo STM » Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:44 pm

love these interviews
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Re: 4aic400, Disney Infinity Toy Box Artist

Postby Mr. Vasuri83 » Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:35 am

Great interview!
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Re: 4aic400, Disney Infinity Toy Box Artist

Postby fdanielix » Fri Apr 17, 2015 12:25 am

Awesome interview! Nice to see underage artists! Loved your Hulk's happy place toybox :)
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Re: 4aic400, Disney Infinity Toy Box Artist

Postby digeek1955 » Mon Apr 20, 2015 5:48 am

Awesome interview!
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