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I rent a realm on PC (Java edition) and between my brother and our friends we have about 8 people who play, but would love to invite more, and I pretty much trust everyone that's apart of this community.

Very rarely are there a lot of us on at once, maybe like once a week do we all hop on together. I primarily get on and build things alone when I'm bored.
All we really do is build and adventure, no PVP (unless someone would like to) or trolling each other. Right now we have two kingdoms being built but would love some neighbors/residents if anyone is ever bored and wants to join. The beauty of Realms is you can play any time you want once you're invited, doesn't matter if I'm on or not.
The only request I have is to not really build too modern of things (i.e. no skyscrapers or futuristic buildings), I'm OCD and like to keep everything themed the same with the blocks available in Vanilla (which is medievel/fantasy-esque).

If anyone is interested in trying it out just tell me your Minecraft account name so I can send you an invite!

FYI this isn't a large-thriving community, in fact most of the time you might be playing alone, this is just an outlet for people who want a space to build things occasionally with other people who you can trust. I'd say once a week though a group of us all get on together and go adventuring (fighting the ender dragon, Wither, looking for woodland mansions, etc).

I'm also thinking of creating a monthly "dungeon" where I build an area in creative mode and fill it with traps, mobs, and unique items as prizes, and have everyone play through it together.
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